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Welcome to
BirdLife World Congress 2013

BirdLife International is the world’s largest civil society partnership for nature. Our World Congress promises to be one of the world’s greatest gatherings of local conservation leaders with attendees from over 120 countries.

The atmosphere will be energising, challenging and inspiring. The congress theme "Partnerships for Nature & People" highlights that we cannot treat the loss of biodiversity as an issue separate from the core concerns of society. The congress will showcase that reducing poverty and improving the health, wealth and security of people are inextricably linked to biodiversity.

At the World Congress you will hear about examples that are providing solutions for biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Working with communities and governments, and across sectors and country borders, BirdLife Partners will demonstrate that it is possible to bring about the changes necessary for a positive future of our planet.

Amidst tours into Canada’s wilderness and evening festivities, BirdLife is unveiling its new 2020 vision.  As the oldest international conservation organisation – in our 90th year – we have a rich history of pioneering achievements and innovation, which attendees will be able to draw on and enrich during the congress.

We look forward to seeing you.

World Congress 2013 Key Issues:

17 workshops at the Congress, open to external audiences, will cover these ever more important themes:

  • Conserving natural capital - saving species:
    prevent extinctions and maintain the ecological balance
  • Conserving natural capital – saving sites and habitats:
    safeguard key sites and the broader landscape
  • Promoting nature’s values:
    integrating nature into everyone’s decisions
  • Combating Climate Change:
    tools and renewables for adapting to a changing climate
  • Sustainable oceans:
    innovative solutions to the ocean crisis
  • Developing capacity for conservation:
    build on local passion and knowledge to achieve long term sustainable impact
  • Local empowerment:
    make positive impacts and connections for biodiversity and communities

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